Features Overview

Steve Kitots has been featured on several platforms, find some features below.

Africa Geographic

Meet four up-and-coming African photographers, born in Kenya, living in Nairobi, and taking remarkable photographs of this vibrant and edgy mega-city. Landia Davies from African Budget Safaris asked these talented Kenyan creatives what their favourite aspects of photographing Nairobi are, what they aim to ...


Capital Lifestyle Instagrammer

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Kitoto was exposed to different cultures and lifestyles. The creative is part of a collective of photographers called Onetouch, a group of photographers, cinematographers, writers and adventure travelers on a quest to showcase the beauty of African People ...


Machoni Mwangu Exhibition

Photography is fun and business at the same time. Though others might prefer to take it as a part time thing, Creative Photographer decided to show the public how he viewsKenya through his camera lens by holding an exhibition which he dubbed “Machoni Mwangu” at Safaricom Michael Joseph Centre. Check out the photos ..