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A Mile for Hope by Steven Kitoto

Hello people's,

I thought I would share something small from a project I did some months back. There is this group of cyclists called the Extra Milers, they run an annual event dubbed Miles & Hope. What they do is cycle (I think that's pretty obvious) but for a cause. They raise money for Orphaned and Vulnerable children and I followed them on a tour they did to Nyahururu that they conveniently called 'Tour de Nyahururu'. This was an over 400km journey to be covered over 3 days and boy was I excited to document this trip.

This had 3 stops for the night, the first being Naivasha, 2nd Nyahururu and the last being Limuru on the way back to Nairobi. I never knew what kind of passion and resilience it took to ride these bikes over that number of kilometres but I saw great passion and endurance for each and every member of that team, these guys had a resilience I had never seen before in my life and this just went down to note that this is something I don't think I can hack.

From riding in the rain and fog to climbing up steep hills, pushing each other along the way, and we Nairobians know how our road users have little to no regard for cyclists ... This was quite the sight to behold.

The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.
— John Howard

This trip was an exciting and an embedded memory in my mind for me. Below is a short clip of a what this whole project is about and the impact that my friend John Wachira from Flow Images and I put together.

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