The Road to Mfangano by Steven Kitoto

Hello people, it has been a while since I was on here. Today, I would like to share with you some images of a place that we went to with OneTouch Live some months back, Mfangano Island. Many people upon saying Mfangano have asked me, "where is that?" Mfangano is an island nestled well in the Lake Victoria that is accessible by ferry from Mbita (which is a town just past Homa-Bay).

Being my first time down there, I never quite knew what to expect on arrival seeing as this was my first time down that route. One thing is a for sure this is a very beautiful island and is said that the best fish comes from these parts.

Of course in usual OneTouch patterns road trips never cease to have drama, and this time around it was some car trouble that saw some of our members stay in Homa Bay to fix the car, because past there no spare parts were available for the vehicle. This was an unfortunate turn of events but as we say in OneTouch we ADAPT!

Mfangano life is quite chilled and relaxed, not much pressure for life and most activity you find is in the morning by the beaches when the fishermen come in with their early catch. Such a sight to be behold is the sunrise was well ...

Mornings by the beach is a flurry of activity from fishermen selling their fish to kids taking a bath and ladies doing the dishes.

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.
— Robert Louis Stevenson

Above is the ferry that carries both cars and people about 3/4 times a day at specific times to and from from island to Mbita.

Part of the OneTouch crew namely Sarah, Sebastian, Joe & Makeni 

Part of the OneTouch crew namely Sarah, Sebastian, Joe & Makeni 

A boat by the beach at dusk shot on an iPhone

A boat by the beach at dusk shot on an iPhone

Part of the journey there we got to meet one of the islands oldest boat makers ... he has since then retired into the hills of the island but is making his last masterpiece there.

Expert boat maker, shot on Huawei P9

Expert boat maker, shot on Huawei P9

Hope you have enjoyed my images on this tour of Mfangano Island, I do hope one day you can get out there.

Until next time people's!

The Road to Malindi by Steven Kitoto

Hey guys, hope you had a great start to the week? Towards the end of last year we got to together with some friends and decided to head down to the coast for some holiday time. This trip was exploration of the Kenyan coast mainly in Malindi, we chose not to go to Diani seeing as we were there the year before.

Below are some images of the sights in Malindi, hope you enjoy 😊!


A Mile for Hope by Steven Kitoto

Hello people's,

I thought I would share something small from a project I did some months back. There is this group of cyclists called the Extra Milers, they run an annual event dubbed Miles & Hope. What they do is cycle (I think that's pretty obvious) but for a cause. They raise money for Orphaned and Vulnerable children and I followed them on a tour they did to Nyahururu that they conveniently called 'Tour de Nyahururu'. This was an over 400km journey to be covered over 3 days and boy was I excited to document this trip.

This had 3 stops for the night, the first being Naivasha, 2nd Nyahururu and the last being Limuru on the way back to Nairobi. I never knew what kind of passion and resilience it took to ride these bikes over that number of kilometres but I saw great passion and endurance for each and every member of that team, these guys had a resilience I had never seen before in my life and this just went down to note that this is something I don't think I can hack.

From riding in the rain and fog to climbing up steep hills, pushing each other along the way, and we Nairobians know how our road users have little to no regard for cyclists ... This was quite the sight to behold.

The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.
— John Howard

This trip was an exciting and an embedded memory in my mind for me. Below is a short clip of a what this whole project is about and the impact that my friend John Wachira from Flow Images and I put together.

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The Road to Amboseli by Steven Kitoto

Amboseli is one of those parks I have visited severally and I absolutely love it. Why you may ask? Mainly because it is the home of elephants, I believe just one of the most beautiful creatures to observe and photograph. The first time I went to Amboseli was 2013, its was such an epic short journey I had to make my way there again. After several solo trips it was time for an OnetouchLive trip to Amboseli, and this one was special because it was gonna be a long one, about 3 nights in the park ... I was really exited for this.


Heading to Amboseli head west on Mombasa Road/A109 till you get to Emali, thereafter you take a left onto the C102 all the way to Kimana (roughly 86 kms), just slightly after Kimana town you take a right onto the C103 which shall lead you directly to the gate.

This trip proved quite eventful and the longest 255 km trip I have ever made in my life. On departure, just slightly past Sultan Hamud, Lisa (pictured on the left), burst a pipe and spewed all the engine oil. In such moments is when you realize getting help out there is quite the challenge ... we had to look for a place that sells oil and purchase at the same time we got some road side mechanics who quickly came to the rescue and fixed the pipe, due to pressure it was unstable so they provided a fix for us.

We went on ahead and stopped in Emali to confirm all is well with the car and also check why it was losing power, by this time it was already past 6pm and we hadn't even turned off the main highway (A109).

Luanda at camp

Luanda at camp

From Emali to Kimana the ride was smooth we made good time but just after Kimana, as you turn off to the C103 the road is a marram road that is quite rough. By this time it was already too late to make it to the park gate so we had to call ahead and said we are on our way because our campsite was in the park. On that marram road, Lisa just went off and lost all momentum and couldn't move we we baffled and wondered what to do. only option in the middle of nowhere was to tow the vehicle all the way to the gate which was a really rough road of about 15 kms. We arrived at the campsite around 11pm after a really long treacherous ride but the plan was to get the park mechanic to come look at the car in the morning and we called it a night, to prepare to head out early morning for a game drive.

The morning was magical, the elephants came out to play and we enjoyed the shoot, due to Lisa being down we squeezed 7 people in one car to shoot the morning game drive. 

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro

After that game drive, we had to call in a mechanic who came to check on Lisa, We eventually had to call for a back up car now that Lisa was unrepairable after the mechanics diagnosis. This meant that Lisa had to be towed back to Kimana to a garage there until further notice. Despite the car trouble, we had to continue shooting and having fun in this awesome park.


There was this morning we stumbled upon lions (which are a rare sight to behold in Amboseli), these young males casually strolling in the park very playful gave us some nice entertainment.

Out here its a matter of anything for the shot

Out here its a matter of anything for the shot

I hope you enjoyed the blog, feel free to like, comment and share! Amboseli was good to me, join me next time as I tell of my next adventure.