The Road to Aberdares by Steven Kitoto

The beauty about Onetouch Live is that its a great opportunity to explore, learn from a bunch of amazing guys and practically freeze to death or literally boil in extreme heat. On this very day the roads led us to Aberdares, I mean I figured this place is cold but not that cold ... boy were in for a surprise. I had always dreamed about going to Aberdares, so naturally I was stoked for this adventure.

As is custom for OTLive trips, we started off early and naturally we made our first stop at Kinale Forest. The aim was to be in Aberdares early to enjoy the sights. After shopping for the necessary things for the 2 nights we would be there ... It was time to start heading up the hills into the Aberdare ranges.


I chose to dabble in a bit of macro photography while there, the morning dew on the grass provided the perfect opportunity to do this. Decided to follow some bees as well ๐Ÿ˜ฌ ...


One of the many waterfalls in the Aberdare Ranges ...


I hope you enjoyed a few of the images I got to capture.ย 

See you in the next post.

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Dandora L.O.V.E by Steven Kitoto

The moment I knew I was making a trip to Dandora automatically this jam began bumping in my head. I had to get into the right mood right?

Dandora is an eastern suburb in Nairobi, Kenya. It is part of the Embakasi division. Surrounding neighbourhoods include Kariobangi, Baba Dogo, Gitare Marigo and Korogocho. Dandora was established in 1977, with partial financing by the World Bank in order to offer a higher standard of housing.

Nairobi's principal dumping site is situated in Dandora. The dump is a sprawling dumpsite, over 30 acres, in the heart of the Nairobi slums of Korogocho, Baba Ndogo, Mathare and Dandora. It opened in 1975 with World Bank funds and was deemed full by 2001. It is interesting the amount of hustling that goes on in this place, just went to show that the resilient nature of humans can be quote something to marvel. Numerous businesses exist in the heart of the dumpsite, all owned by people seeking to make a living. Onetouch got a chance to tour a bit of the dumpsite some time back and here are a few shots. Hope you enjoy them.

While touring we were made to understand that the smoke that billows from beneath the trash is actually fires that never burn out, due to the numerous chemicals and mixture of things and trash that smokes billows even through the rains. The amazing thing about such places and visiting them is that the resilience and hard working nature of some people is quite astounding, despite the unforgiving environment yyou find thriving businesses right in the hub of this massive dumpsite.

To top it off is an image of my favourite meal :) Chapati.